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Апелациони суд у Београду
Court of Appeal in Belgrade
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Internal organization and work of Court of Appeal are regulated by the Law on Judges, Law on Organization of the Courts and Court Rules of Procedure.

Activities related to internal organization of the court are separated from judicial activities and include: administrative, technical, professional, informative, financial and other activities related to court management. These activities are under authority of court administration and are organized so that the court could perform its function legally, timely and efficiently, in order to enable parties to finish their activities in the court with minimum expenses.

Court administration in the Court of Appeal in Belgrade consists of:

Acting president of the court – judge Radmila Dragicevic Dicic
Deputy acting president of the court – judge Milica Popovic Djurickovic
Deputy acting president of the court – judge Biserka Zivanovic
Deputy acting president of the court – judge Nadezda Mijatovic
Court secretary – senior judicial assistant Natalija Adzic
Associate for personnel and administrative work - Sladjana Ognjenovic
Officer for the work with the jury and other administrative and tehnical activities in the court administration – Biljana Gavranović
Officer for administrative and tehnical activities in for jobs in court practice – Ilinka Barać I Biljana Lazičić

President of the court manages the work of court administration related to internal organization. Court Rules of Procedure prescribe the following activities for the court administration of the Court of Appeal:

• Organization of internal operations of the court;
• Calling and scheduling jurors;
• Consideration of complaints and petitions;
• Keeping statistics and generating reports;
• Financial and material operations of the court;
• Professional work related to achieving rights, obligations and responsibilities of court staff;
• Rendering general and individual acts related to job classification, internal organization, labor issues and other general acts regulating court operations;
• Activities related to professional development and training of the judges and judicial staff;
• Management of court facilities and buildings used by the court;
• Other activities related to internal organization and operation of court.

Tria sunt iuris praecepta: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere - Three are legal regulations: fair living, the other does not offend, give each of its. (Cicero)