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Апелациони суд у Београду
Court of Appeal in Belgrade
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Court of Appeal in Belgrade was established in the Law on Organization of Courts and Law on Seats and Territories of Courts and Prosecutor’ s office from 22 December 2008th. It started 1st January 2010. President of the Court is judge Dusko Milenkovic.

The predicted number of judges in the Court of Appeal in Belgrade is eighty – eight. Currently this court has a reduced number of judges, because of the eighty – eight elected, judicial function performed eighty judges (including the president of the court). Two judges of this court are set for presidents of other courts, one judge is assigned to work in the Special Department of the Higher Court in Belgrade, two judges were elected to the Supreme Court of Cassation, while the three judges ceased to hold office.

Ordinance on internal organization and job classification provides that the activities of the Court of Appeal in Belgrade perform 201 face: 160 civil servants and 41 employees.

The seat of the Court of Appeal in Belgrade is at 9 Nemanjina Street. In the same building are housed the highest courts: Supreme Court of Cassation, Commercial Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court.

Premises of the Court of Appeal in Belgrade are located in the basement where are located rooms of scorer, on the ground floor of the building where are located records office of the courts, then the dress circle, first and second floor where are located the courtrooms, judges offices and offices of judicial assistants.

In the Court of Appeal in Belgrade is located twenty – one courtroom. They are intended for public sessions, main hearings and hearing before second - instance court. On the first floor is the largest courtroom in the building area of over 200 square meters, with 200 seats predicted for the chambers, defendants, defense lawyers, attorneys and citizens.

Court administration is on the second floor of the premises of 2.01, 2.02 and 2.03.

The Court of Appeal in Belgrade, is among the highest judicial institution in the country because this Court is a second – instance court for the territory of higher courts in Belgrade, Valjevo, Smederevo and Pancevo. According to official statistics, the area covered by this Court (11.191 km2), has a population od 2 300 000 inhabitants.

In this Court are formed following judicial departments: Civil Department, the Civil Department for Labour disputes, Criminal Division, Department for Criminal Procedure against Minors, Special Department for organized crimes, Department for War crimes and the Court Practice Department.


Tria sunt iuris praecepta: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere - Three are legal regulations: fair living, the other does not offend, give each of its. (Cicero)