Република Србија
Апелациони суд у Београду
Court of Appeal in Belgrade
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Parties can make inquiries about the cases, processed in this court, at the intake counter, every day in the period from 7:30 to 15:30.

For detailed explanation of the information which can be obtained at the intake counter please click here.

The parties give notice in writing or in another suitable way, short and urgent by telephone, if it is, by the nature of things possible. Telephone for information is (00 381 11) 363 51 03.

In order to secure faster and more efficient work of the court, Deputy President of the Court – Judge Biserka Zivanovic will talk to the clients every Tuesday in the period from 10 to 13.

Meetings with Deputy President of the Court are scheduled in advance. Meetings are scheduled with the technical secretary in the court, at the telephone number (00 381 11) 363 50 41, every day during working hours of the court. In case a party is in the building, meeting can be scheduled by dialing extension 5041 from the telephone located on the counter of building security on the ground floor.

These meetings are reserved only for the parties in the cases, their representatives and attorneys. In order to schedule a meeting, a party needs to know a case number so that the case file could be taken to the deputy president of the court, so she can become acquainted with the case matter.

Each party gets their own time for a meeting. Party has to bring personal ID with a photograph in order to be identified. Parties should come not more than 15 minutes before scheduled meeting in order to prevent unnecessary crowds. Meetings are organized in the office 2.05 on the second floor.

Tria sunt iuris praecepta: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere - Three are legal regulations: fair living, the other does not offend, give each of its. (Cicero)